Train Yourself To Be Godly: A 40-Day Journey Toward Sexual Whole

Train Yourself To Be Godly: A 40-Day Journey Toward Sexual Wholeness

by BL Clifton

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Porn addiction is laying waste to an entire generation of men and women. The wreckage it leaves behind is staggering. It damages the body, crippling male sexuality with a never-before-seen form of erectile dysfunction. It sears the brain, literally rewiring it for lust, not love. Which then inhibits male-female attraction, by disrupting biological and emotional pathways for falling in love. It ruins marriages. It steals from children whose parents no longer provide godly models of masculinity and femininity to follow. It bludgeons your creativity and productivity. It poisons your soul with toxic shame and emptiness. It hollows out your spiritual life, driving a wedge between you and God. But why list all the reasons why porn is harmful, when you need look no further than your own heart? If porn is your problem, then you already know the damage it's causing. So how do you break free of the claws it has in you? Can you even break free? Yes you can, because I did it. Back in the mid-90s, I was one of many swamped by the porn tsunami which was rapidly overspreading our culture through the rise of the machines. A little marriage pain and a chief-of-sinners heart were all that was needed to drag me under. It took nearly two years to fully detox from that frightening experience, and since then, as a pastor and writer, I have made it a priority in my teaching to offer any who would listen advice on how to fight for holiness in this most unholy age. "Train Yourself To Be Godly: A 40-Day Journey Toward Sexual Wholeness" is a chronicle of what I learned as Jesus grabbed hold of my hand and led me out of that dark place. There are several things unique about this book that you may not find elsewhere: 1. I recognized in my struggle that I had two obstacles to contend against: a sin nature, and an untrained nature. Sometimes I sin because of the corrupt bent of my heart, and sometimes I sin because I have a flabby body, a weak mind, and a lazy will. Both parts of me have to be trained. Sin not only has to be repented of, but unlearned. This book provides practical strategies for overcoming both problems. 2. One of my mentors who showed me the way to freedom was a fourth-century sex addict, who was rescued by Christ. He became one of the greatest Christian thinkers and writers in history. We know him today as St. Augustine. I stumbled across a famous book of his called "Confessions" back when I was in the thick of my struggle. I was astonished by how openly he wrote about his addiction to sex, and how Jesus broke the back of his sin, and transformed his life. The same principles he shares in "Confessions" are directly applicable to helping change the heart of a porn addict. And I’m exhibit A. I quote Augustine throughout my book, and devote an entire week of readings to unpacking his life and thinking. 3. Living in freedom in our modern world requires a positive, wholistic theology of sexual purity, not a “fleeing to the desert” asceticism, or a “bring the thunder” heavy-handedness, which many seem to advocate. Until Christ returns or an apocalypse pushes us back a notch, computers are here to stay. The challenge facing followers of Christ here and now is: how do we walk in freedom, purity and joy in this 21st-century, high-tech Corinth? One solution: we must learn the art of having “holy conversations” about biblical sexuality between husbands and wives, parents and their children, and pastors and their congregations. We’ll talk about how to do that in the book. If you find yourself hopelessly lost in these dangerous woods, I hope these 40 readings can be a trail map of sorts that will help you find your way out. Have no doubt about it my friend – God made you better than this and God made you for better things than this. Reach out to Jesus right now. Start the journey toward freedom.



































Train Yourself To Be Godly A 40Day Journey Toward Sexual Wholeness




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